Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wheee, the People!

     Instead of paying attention,
     you'll want and work for all the Things
     The Look, The Trappings Power brings
     like instantly yet MORE Power springs
     a well, a spell of Gain, warming,
     the spiral spinning uncoiling
     pinwheel ride painted up all Free
     but Not Really.
     Nailed in the middle
     squeeking and clattering unmerciful
     smoking and smelling bad
     all the safety valves bypassed or wired shut
     governors corrupted beyond any use whatever
     candidates with all the shiny shoes and blowjobs
     we turn the volume up again to hear the millionth version
     them saying, 'Be calm.  Everything is A.O.K.'

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pencilvania; Picking the Teeth of Empire

     Asked for his remarks then about all the reported 'collateral damages' (innocent bystanders*) he'd killed in pursuit of policy, Secretary Schultz spoke in a way that managed to sound both confidential and dismissive:  '...ya hafta break eggs to make a omelet...'

     Schultz (Bechtel) running State, Weinberger (Bechtel) at Defense, Big Wheels in the Reagan Revolution cooking up a banquet for...whom?...for what? Taking big piecemeal chomps out of populations and life-support systems at home and elsewhere, leaving destruction, contamination, extinction, and waste.

     The '80's saw this golden dawn of Greed come about by the 'Big Landslide' for Reagan everyone still talks about.  The one the Democrats have pointed their prayer mats at ever since.  It wasn't a landslide.

     Get out your pencil and paper and arithmetic.  Voter turnout was 48%, the lowest of all Earth's 'democracies' except Botswana that cycle!  Reagan's share was 52 or 53 percent -- look it up -- Big Landslide NOT.  Comes out to some 28% of registered voters that put Ronnie in the White House.
Twenty eight percent is not a landslide number.  That's less than one third of registered voters.  That's not anything but a former democratic republic with a comatose electorate gone Flatline.  This is where America sold the last of its soul for an 'aw, shucks' and yet another record quarter's earnings.  The Democrats swooned at that faux 'Great Landslide,' doing all in their considerable power ever since to mimic Ronnie's 'success,' just like the Clintons.  Yes, it was already exit-bound, but that's where America finally left the Building of Pretense, where folks in numbers still play at 'democratic republic,' all unaware.

* Murders; homicides; unlawful killings; war crimes


     Speaking of Saudi Arabia as a major client of U.S. policy, as a giant Weapons Customer, as favored among our Best Pals, and as a Primary Sponsor of Violent Radical Extremism worldwide, including the events of September 11, 2001, Noam Chomsky made an observation that needs more attention.  He said that Britain, and then the U.S. [see T. E. Lawrence] have always "...stimulated radical Islamist developments..." as destabilizing implements in the Mideast.

     This is too kind of Dr. Chomsky.  He makes it sound as if the west just took advantage of 'troubles' as they arose unbidden, all along.  Maybe the good doctor was indulging in some seismic under-statement.

     Here, now:  The west (spelled U-S) has never missed a 'chance' through this morning to Fuck Things Up good and proper for those with the poor judgement to be born over oil, etc.  [Further, let it be known here as it is everywhere else, if you make your own 'chances,' by the examples of the U.S. Oil Industry of the past 150 years, you won't risk missing many.  It's an UnNatural Selection kind of deal...Survival of the Most Devious and Murderous and UnFit]

     We are led to believe, even with the effrontery to 'warn' us, that that's just the way things are, and to get over it.  We're repeatedly reminded that's 'How Things Work.'

     We observe how this Plan has not worked out so well for us, ever, worse for others, and how it yet proceeds...anyway... the Vast Enrichment of a tiny, secret minority who do have names, addresses, pulses, and temperatures in the neighborhood of 98 degrees F.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baby, It's You (Not Bernie, or Donald, or Julio)

It's something you're doing.
Yes, it is.
It's also something you're not doing.
Oho, yes, it is.
How many times have you picked among the offered evils for a 'lesser?'
As if it was a Freedom of Choice kind of deal, but for Real?
As if it was any Good whatever, then, now, or later?
And then turned your back like you did your part?
And walked off into the sunset with the girl?
And no choices to speak of, really?
Denied by your own denial scrim
All the way up past here
     Where you don't get what you pay for
     Where Someone Else does
     Where Somebody Else gets all you pay for
     And all you pay for it
     And pay for it
     And pay for it
Poll cats and lobbyists with a common ground
Blindside roundhouse suckerpunch usually
And used to it and by it
Taking a solid clout to the back of the head, each
Where the independent silent swing comes by
When it comes by...

Time is a wolf that gets us all
Whether we give 'er a run that is worth it
Chasing 'er down
Or watching from your hide.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

War Crimes On Drugs

     Today's news (Daily Kos-style) held a quote from one of the Nixon admin's ex-convicts, John Ehrlichmann, concerning the infamous, so-called war on drugs.  Mr. Ehrlichmann states clearly and flatly that demonizing marijuana was a Nixon White House strategy to destabilize and disrupt the anti-Viet Nam war and African-American communities.  This 'stragedy' was supported by a compliant and subservient news media, parroting the Admin lies, NIGHTLY.

     Does this ring any bells for anyone watching the current creeps spewing 'news' from the Main Media?

     So.  The flood of refugees fleeing the horrors of the Drug War in Central and South America flowing over our borders is -- TA-DA! -- thanks to the feral dog GOP (and to those who fell in line behind them).

     All those unfortunates now trying to leave Mexico can thank the Republicans.  All those in prison (and far worse) for pot charges can thank the Republicans.  All those who've suffered from various health issues all this time, who could've been helped or cured with medicinal hemp, can thank the Republicans for their needless torment.  Those suffering and dying from Global Warming because Fossil Fuels are killing the Planet, when hemp seed oil has long been a proven, co2 neutral substitute, can thank the Republicans.  The Mexican cartels?  They, too, can thank the Republicans for their highly profitable enterprises.

     The list goes on, the Republican villains' gallery overflows...

Friday, October 24, 2014


if you've listened with one ear
you must've heard the story told
how Man creates an artifact
to help him reach a goal

the Man takes a gadget
and fails to understand
the gadget takes a gadget
and the gadget takes the Man

with brilliant engine-uity
and immaculate intention
he's overshot the mark and screwed
our Mother of invention

of all the best-laid plans gone wrong
of any time or nation
there's never been one even near
the bloody corpiration

we set it up and turned it on
to go and do our biddin'
the puppet took the reins and road
with pow'r we are forbidden

Friday, May 9, 2014

Surveil This


     Take notice, y'all Secret Police sons of bitches (this dishonorific not meant as gender-specific.):

     We're not sure where you're from, but around here, secrecy in government would be our own worst enemy, so we don't allow it.  A truly free, informed People like we are can manage our affairs nicely, thank you, without your very dubious 'assistance.'  We're actually competent at figuring out what's good for us, what's the smart decision in any given case.  Should we decide to do something stupid, we goddamned sure won't need any help from the likes of you.  This may come as a great surprise to you who pose as Intelligence Experts, but you'll get over this shock if you live long enough to wise up, and we hope you do.  We also look forward to seeing you indicted, charged, arrested, tried by Due Process, convicted of some of the horrific crimes of which you are manifestly guilty, then appropriately sentenced, and we're working on it.  We strongly suggest it might help your likely legal difficulties if you now (now) find the nearest whistle and blow the crap out of it, just like your life depends on it.  With feeling.  You can see, can you not, that we are not holding our breath?
     Unlike yourselves, we abide by the Law -- we stop on the red and go on the green -- simply to get along.  This is a Basic Awareness kind of deal, and you need to be taking notes.  You will be tested.
     Let's be doubly clear, for the benefit of your many belabored 'analysts:'

  • Secrecy is the dark enemy of any enlightened People.  Ben Franklin clearly warned the new Republic against it to start with.  Mr. Franklin had observed first-hand for some years how the monarchies of Europe worked it.  He cautioned that once 'covert' actions were allowed, they quickly become the MAIN behavior of renegade governments.  Good call, Ben.
  • Secrecy got the corpirations enthroned in the United States, as announced then by Abe Lincoln in 1865, to the destruction of our democratic Republic.  Really.
  • Secrecy has kept that dire turning point very well camouflaged even to this day.
  • Secrecy brought us all this War Business -- ALL if it, to ALL of us --demanding ever more secrecy, and not a lick of it justified, ever.
  • Secrecy is the servant of traitors and other unfaithful cowards; corrupt politicians; embezzlers; blind-side 'economists;' lawyers; thieves; bushwackers; the extremely filthy rich; and other species of criminals, and no one else.  If you've a fondness for secrecy, you are counted in this disgusting company; congratulations are not in order, but arrest warrants are.
  • Secrecy gets our Presidents murdered, among many others, followed by horseshit cover-stories instead of Justice.
  • Secrecy allowed a Presidential election to be stolen from beneath our noses, letting a witless clown into the White House.
  • Secrecy let that same unelected, witless clown lead us into war on Iraq based on 'intelligence' which ranged all the way from POOR to NONE.
  • Secrecy cost us 60,000 Americans, and counting, in the likewise needless Viet Nam conflict, along with millions of that country's People.
  • Secrecy enables the label of War to be applied to belligerent U.S. actions unsupported by any legal Declaration of War, the lack of which renders all such actions War Crimes...the list of which is too long to discuss here.
  • Secrecy has acted as cover for acts of Terror against those on that list, against the People there and their governments, thereby sponsoring and exporting Terrorism, usually under the Stars and Stripes, no matter at all what you call it.
  • Secrecy has made our country hated, feared and ridiculed for the most revolting, compelling reasons, in almost every corner of our little Globe, the opposite of security.
  • Secrecy is also the opposite, the amputation of intelligence.
  • Secrecy gets the American Revolutionary TIP (Turd in Punchbowl) Award as a kind of life-time achievement prize...for all of History.
     If you have the least doubt about any of the foregoing, you'll need to ask someone who knows something.  I'm glad to say there are plenty more out here who feel just this way.