Sunday, May 29, 2011


     This site is intended to present observations and opinions consistent with the 'self-evident' truths famously mentioned in the American Declaration of Independence.  In pursuing this stated intention, I emphasize what I believe to be the fundamental rule in this, and similar efforts, as specified in writing in the Constitution of the United States:  'Amendment IX  -  The enumeration in the Constitution of certain Rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People.'  This one sentence clearly places Sovereignty in the hands of People.  This simple statement encapsulates the American Revolutionary principle that all the lawful authority resides with the People, and is properly delegated to chosen public servants on strictly limited bases.  Should any public servants exceed or fall short of the requirements of these limited bases, we the People retain the Right to correct or dismiss and prosecute them, in accordance with this Law as written, and in accordance with other Laws unwritten, but similarly self-evident.
     I'll call the Sovereignty of People the 'Foundation Principle.'  Most of us would agree with this, even think of it as too obvious; it's what America has always been about...what we've stood for.  Yet there is a crucial  aspect of the definition of this Foundation Principle which has long gone obscured and confused.  Just as this Foundation Principle is strengthened by clear definition, it is undermined by obscurity and confusion.  The most basic, most important part of the definition, here, is what exactly do we mean by the word, People? 
     Close examination of this point, I believe, will shed much-needed light on both our history, and on our present national and global circumstances, all awash in multiple catastrophes.
     How did Corporations get to be classified as People?  For whose benefit was this classification made?  What have been the salient results of this classification?  How has this effected the Foundation Principle of the Sovereignty of People?  Why have obscurity and and confusion marked the relationship between Corporations and People, to the point that we Humans have largely come to identify with, and even 'take a back seat' to these synthetic commercial organisms?
     This site will be an attempt to correctly ask these and other  such questions, and to arrive at accurate answers.  rw