Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Review #86

Next to Hughes;
Behind the Power and Tragic Downfall of Howard Hughes
by His Closest Advisor
-- Robert Maheu

     This one rocked me.
     Hughes has fascinated me, like many, as the ultra-rich, power-mad, playboy-recluse, cottonpicker-genius-legend that he appeared to be.
     The  isolated horror of his end, and the waves of corruption, both deep and wide, around him in the Meantime are unbelievably shocking.  However unbelievable, this story is yet another stark proof of the old rule, '...the love of money is the root of all evil.'  In this case, Hughes realized there was Nothing he couldn't of course, that's what he went for, and got:  LOTS of Nothing.
     Maheu's personal story, which sounds pretty believable, has him at or near the center of many of the most pivotal events of modern civilization.  All this reminds me that our word, civilization, comes down to us as Rome's great gift to the's what you get when the dust settles and the blood soaks into the ground.
     Life and Peace get next to zero credit for enduring this process and paying ALL the bills, ALL the time.  I'm guessing this is largely 'cause the pirates write the history and run the schools that teach it.  
     The Rich ARE different.
     Such a deal!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Horses' Mouths

During the '70's and '80's there were pronouncements from a couple of Americans, both of whom had been in positions to know, which were of prime interest then, and should still be so for us, today.  These statements, by notorious figures with histories of involvement in 'organized crime,' shed brilliant light on the very nature of organized crime, how it works, for whom it works, and clear insights into its behind-the-scenes organizational structures and modes of operation.
Whether you think of them as 'folk heroes' or simply as criminals, what they had to say was, and is, well worth thinking about...

     Mickey Cohen -- Confirmed mobster, longtime boss of gambling in California, presented a recipe for success in organized crime, requiring these essential ingredients in hand:
     The Chief of Police
     The Sheriff
     The District Attorney
...and stated flatly that if you control these elements in any given location, " can do anything you want..."

     Malcolm X -- From his previous incarnation as the underworld figure, 'Detroit Red,' he concluded that, "...organized crime exists only to the extent that it is known to 'the authorities'...

Our most trusted 'public servants,' then, are in fact involved deeply in organized criminal activities, not just by their tacit approval, but in collusion and direct participation; it's the way 'they do business.'

These statements were not provided (then or now) as blueprints for prospective organized criminals, but as descriptions of the mechanisms already in place in our towns, cities, nation, and in the world...stark images of 'how things work' in the Big Picture.

The Real Lesson, if there is one, is recognizing and acknowledging what this means to us here and now, today.  How does it relate to Big Money's unlawful control of our governments (Executive, Legislative, Judicial branches, elections, the Pentagon, and more); economies (markets, banks, tax structures, Treasury, resources, and more); media (the Press, TV, internet and other electronic communications, and more)?
How does it relate to our imposed and enforced addictions to the most dangerous and expensive energy sources (petroleum, coal, fracking, nukes, etc.), in spite of the eternal presence of alternative, infinite, FREE sources, most urgently in need only of recognition and development?  How does it relate to these Most Dangerous Energies' contributions to the growing crisis of Global Warming?  How does it relate to the explosive growth in War Industries, and the mushrooming emphasis on War-making?...[I could go on, and generally do, given half a chance.]...

Just wondering...

Please let me know what you think; I encourage you to leave a comment here, and if you've the time and inclination, please also see my other notes here and respond accordingly.  Thank you.