Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Truth, Justice, and the American Way Quiz #1

     In accordance with the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, is it legal in any case to:
     1.  Make any arrest without a warrant?
         Yes___ No___
     2.  Make any arrest without available defense counsel?
         Yes___ No___
     3.  Make any arrest without specific charges?
         Yes___ No___
     4.  Make any arrest without the Right to a phone call?
         Yes___ No___
     5.  Make any arrest without the reading of 'Miranda' Rights?
         Yes___ No___
     6.  Inflict any punishment whatever  without conviction by Due Process?
         Yes___ No___
     7.  Let suspicions of 'terrorism' alter the above considerations in any way whatever?

     No, no, no, no, no, no, and NO, respectively.

* * *

     If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you don't know anything about the American system of Justice.  You will need to go ask someone who does know, or get up on your back feet and look it up for yourself.  Without doing so, your way will by definition be UN-American.  Until you do so...until you get it Right...we're dying out here.

Having and Having Not

     When Lincoln announced the enthronement of corporations (without naming them), warning of the consequences, he was promptly shot by a 'lone gunman.'  Boothe's small circle of conspirator/accom-plices had links to wartime commercial interests; these links were then obscured in the ensuing uproar and never pursued.
     Those events marked the END of America's democratic republic, as lawfully Constituted.  That corpirate sneak attack, piercing the head and heart of the United States, was in fact an act of war perpetrated for gain against the People of America and our Constitutional form of government.  It remains with us, upon us, today; look around.  The enduring dominance of this corpirate rule relies on our neither recognizing nor acknowledging it.*  This confusion was greatly reinforced by the Court's recognition of corpirations as persons, citing the 13th Amendment, originally meant to free African-American slaves.  Witness the wide acceptance of corpirations as members of the 'private sector,' like just plain folks.  Since that time, our country in its entirety has been held Prisoners of War, our democratic institutions gone Missing In Action, all inflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, some more, some less.

Some folks bathe in the Ganges;
We're up past our ass in Denial

     What we have in the Land of the 'Free:'
     Enforced Cognitive Dissonance (A spell imposed to keep us in a fog of wishful thinking and creative nostalgia.  Our 'freedoms' are allowed only so far as to keep us as cooperative, compliant tax-cattle...our 'liberties' permitted only so far as to keep us contributing to the flow of all wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands...the more enthusiastic your participation, the higher your rewards.)
     What we do not have:
     'Our' troops -- Since corpirations started calling the shots, we don't have any troops...A human has a life to give; a corpiration does not, but can buy some and take more.
     'Our' flag -- The stars and stripes gone stolen, desecrated, soaked in innocent blood here and there around the world.
     'Our' government -- Sold off to the highest bidders, lock, stock, and barrels.
     'Our' Constitution -- "...just a goddamn piece of paper!"  --George W. Bush
     'Our' economy -- A rigged feeding frenzy of corpirate sharks, unsustainable, bleeding out.
     'Our' energy resources -- Monopolized, focused on the most dangerous and most centralized, to the specific exclusion of safe, local, sustainable, INFINITE energy alternatives.
     'Our' People -- Dehumanized, stunned and mesmerized, divided and conquered, herded along like lemmings toward the precipice.

*If this is so, as it seems, then the first POSITIVE step away from this mess is to recognize and acknowledge the unlawful dominance of corpirations, that they are in fact a criminal, alien, artificial species...and it's quite late in the game.