Friday, December 16, 2011

le difference vive

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     It all goes back to the End of America.
     Pick five of our greatest current crises.  Any five.
     Odds are, at least four of your five crises are SYNTHETIC, fabricated, installed, and set in motion in our midst, on purpose, and largely with our cooperation.
     These artificial processes carry consequences outside the limits of survival, and repulsive to Human sensibilities.  Further, these end-consequences get little or no native regard as a matter of course in 'the process.'  Further still, unfavorable end-consequences are actively disregarded, even discredited to 'benefit' the process only.  This self-blinding creature was designed to crash, but to ignore it.  So manifestly unqualified, these contrived 'beings' quickly came to calling the shots, literally, with one eye out for a quick buck, and the other eye, too...both eyes out, sort of.
     You might say America ended as a democratic republic (of, by, and for People), when Abe Lincoln announced the enthronement of corporations in 1865.*
     I do say so, here and now.
     Then, based on the 13th Amendment to 'free the slaves,' the Court's decision to recognize corporations as 'persons' in legal fact, let the hyenas loose in the nursery;  so long, America, dream and all.  The custom-built beast elbowed us out of our Lobbies, and set to work.
     How many of 'our troops' (and others')(and others) have been sacrificed since then?  Count them.  Name them.  Find them in their tombstone legions, or unmarked places off in the fields.  Dig around in the dirt a little with your fingers, in respect for the millions of 'collateral damages,' see what you come up with.
     Has any corporation anywhere made any sacrifice whatever, ever, where the cost isn't passed along to us?  No.  A corporation couldn't sacrifice of itself, even if it thought of it and wanted to, neither likely.  A corporation does not have a self, but on paper.
     Hold up a finger.  Turn it about this way and that, and look at it.  That's something else a corporation can't do, never did, never will.  One finger outnumbers all the corporations in history.  And there are a lot more 'persons' with fingers and so on, than 'persons' not so blessed.
     Somebody's surrounded.

*Honest Abe also said, " cant fool all the People all the time."