Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pencilvania; Picking the Teeth of Empire

     Asked for his remarks then about all the reported 'collateral damages' (innocent bystanders*) he'd killed in pursuit of policy, Secretary Schultz spoke in a way that managed to sound both confidential and dismissive:  '...ya hafta break eggs to make a omelet...'

     Schultz (Bechtel) running State, Weinberger (Bechtel) at Defense, Big Wheels in the Reagan Revolution cooking up a banquet for...whom?...for what? Taking big piecemeal chomps out of populations and life-support systems at home and elsewhere, leaving destruction, contamination, extinction, and waste.

     The '80's saw this golden dawn of Greed come about by the 'Big Landslide' for Reagan everyone still talks about.  The one the Democrats have pointed their prayer mats at ever since.  It wasn't a landslide.

     Get out your pencil and paper and arithmetic.  Voter turnout was 48%, the lowest of all Earth's 'democracies' except Botswana that cycle!  Reagan's share was 52 or 53 percent -- look it up -- Big Landslide NOT.  Comes out to some 28% of registered voters that put Ronnie in the White House.
Twenty eight percent is not a landslide number.  That's less than one third of registered voters.  That's not anything but a former democratic republic with a comatose electorate gone Flatline.  This is where America sold the last of its soul for an 'aw, shucks' and yet another record quarter's earnings.  The Democrats swooned at that faux 'Great Landslide,' doing all in their considerable power ever since to mimic Ronnie's 'success,' just like the Clintons.  Yes, it was already exit-bound, but that's where America finally left the Building of Pretense, where folks in numbers still play at 'democratic republic,' all unaware.

* Murders; homicides; unlawful killings; war crimes

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