Tuesday, May 24, 2016


     Speaking of Saudi Arabia as a major client of U.S. policy, as a giant Weapons Customer, as favored among our Best Pals, and as a Primary Sponsor of Violent Radical Extremism worldwide, including the events of September 11, 2001, Noam Chomsky made an observation that needs more attention.  He said that Britain, and then the U.S. [see T. E. Lawrence] have always "...stimulated radical Islamist developments..." as destabilizing implements in the Mideast.

     This is too kind of Dr. Chomsky.  He makes it sound as if the west just took advantage of 'troubles' as they arose unbidden, all along.  Maybe the good doctor was indulging in some seismic under-statement.

     Here, now:  The west (spelled U-S) has never missed a 'chance' through this morning to Fuck Things Up good and proper for those with the poor judgement to be born over oil, etc.  [Further, let it be known here as it is everywhere else, if you make your own 'chances,' by the examples of the U.S. Oil Industry of the past 150 years, you won't risk missing many.  It's an UnNatural Selection kind of deal...Survival of the Most Devious and Murderous and UnFit]

     We are led to believe, even with the effrontery to 'warn' us, that that's just the way things are, and to get over it.  We're repeatedly reminded that's 'How Things Work.'

     We observe how this Plan has not worked out so well for us, ever, worse for others, and how it yet proceeds...anyway...

     ...to the Vast Enrichment of a tiny, secret minority who do have names, addresses, pulses, and temperatures in the neighborhood of 98 degrees F.

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