Sunday, May 22, 2016

Baby, It's You (Not Bernie, or Donald, or Julio)

It's something you're doing.
Yes, it is.
It's also something you're not doing.
Oho, yes, it is.
How many times have you picked among the offered evils for a 'lesser?'
As if it was a Freedom of Choice kind of deal, but for Real?
As if it was any Good whatever, then, now, or later?
And then turned your back like you did your part?
And walked off into the sunset with the girl?
And no choices to speak of, really?
Denied by your own denial scrim
All the way up past here
     Where you don't get what you pay for
     Where Someone Else does
     Where Somebody Else gets all you pay for
     And all you pay for it
     And pay for it
     And pay for it
Poll cats and lobbyists with a common ground
Blindside roundhouse suckerpunch usually
And used to it and by it
Taking a solid clout to the back of the head, each
Where the independent silent swing comes by
When it comes by...

Time is a wolf that gets us all
Whether we give 'er a run that is worth it
Chasing 'er down
Or watching from your hide.

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