Wednesday, March 23, 2016

War Crimes On Drugs

     Today's news (Daily Kos-style) held a quote from one of the Nixon admin's ex-convicts, John Ehrlichmann, concerning the infamous, so-called war on drugs.  Mr. Ehrlichmann states clearly and flatly that demonizing marijuana was a Nixon White House strategy to destabilize and disrupt the anti-Viet Nam war and African-American communities.  This 'stragedy' was supported by a compliant and subservient news media, parroting the Admin lies, NIGHTLY.

     Does this ring any bells for anyone watching the current creeps spewing 'news' from the Main Media?

     So.  The flood of refugees fleeing the horrors of the Drug War in Central and South America flowing over our borders is -- TA-DA! -- thanks to the feral dog GOP (and to those who fell in line behind them).

     All those unfortunates now trying to leave Mexico can thank the Republicans.  All those in prison (and far worse) for pot charges can thank the Republicans.  All those who've suffered from various health issues all this time, who could've been helped or cured with medicinal hemp, can thank the Republicans for their needless torment.  Those suffering and dying from Global Warming because Fossil Fuels are killing the Planet, when hemp seed oil has long been a proven, co2 neutral substitute, can thank the Republicans.  The Mexican cartels?  They, too, can thank the Republicans for their highly profitable enterprises.

     The list goes on, the Republican villains' gallery overflows...

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