Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Problem Solving Skills -- Note 9 -- The Final War; Surprise!

     Every expert in the arts of conflict, past and present, emphasizes the importance of the element of surprise.  With this element, superior numbers and overwhelming force can be defeated; history is full of celebrated examples.  Surprising an opponent is achieved by camouflage, covert action, sneak attack, or diversion, etc.  Using ruse and subterfuge to hide your own strengths and intentions, using diversion to obscure your positions and goals to confuse your opponent are famously successful strategies in war, business, and politics.  Surprise maximizes the chances of victory, both to reap the benefits of conquest and to minimize the cost to one's own side.  The success of this principle is so prevalent, we can call it the Rule:  Victory Goes To The Most Devious.  The triumph of the Devious is so obvious, almost invariable, it's become a given in open conflict.  In Human vs. Human contests, everyone seeks to command the element of surprise against their foe, and to guard against the foe's use of it, to be vigilant and quick with counter-measure.

     How much more certain victory is, then, if one engages an opponent in a conflict which is not even recognized as conflict by that opponent.  A secret victory might be quickly consolidated and enforced by the victors with little notice taken by the 'target,' the victors assuming as camouflage the guise of those so conquered by stealth.  The conquered may be convinced by Diversion that they are themselves identical with their conquerors.  The victors in such a covert, even bloodless operation, having achieved dominance, are then free to exploit, undetected, the 'conquered' people, their allegiance, their labor, lands and other resources, and to obtain tribute as a matter of the course of conquest.  Once dominant, such victors are also free then to write 'history' as they wish, and to prescribe further definition of anything and everything, also in accordance with their own primary interests, and to further their goals.  Thus, those so covertly conquered may have their governments quietly subverted, their markets manipulated, their media supervised and censored, their institutions of higher learning 'sponsored' into compliance, their very thinking and ways of Life influenced, slanted for the conquerors' benefit, all to the victors' growing advantage, all at the growing expense and with the cooperation of those so conquered.

     Here, the prudent victors, in a kind of assimilation-by-confusion, might continue to obscure their original takeover, encouraging the conquered to identify with their new, covert captors, and to miss entirely the discontinuity between their pre-conflict and post-conflict circumstances.  This 'spell' might be reinforced, its reach extended by further engaging those already subjugated in more violent, open conflicts with other Humans...and by exploiting and aggravating any simple differences between Peoples (race, sex, class, culture, religion, country of origin, political 'parties,' etc.)...the ultimate Diversions.

     Surprise!  This is not a hypothetical, fantasy conquest;  it has in fact already, in the United States of America.  The covert coup accomplished by the Corpirations during the American 'Civil' War, and as announced so clearly by Abraham Lincoln in 1865, has changed nearly everything about the world we live in.  When the Corpirations began 'calling the shots,' the distinction between their 'principles' and those of Humans became of paramount importance.  Yet little notice of this crucial distinction has been made, then or since.  It is fundamental to the Corpirate interests that this difference remains obscure, that their interests continue to be defined as identical with ours in the minds of Humans.  Obscuring this distinction works to camouflage the original coup and its perpetrators, continuing on through today.  Observing that in fact there is such a distinction immediately makes several things starkly clear, among them:

     1.  The distinction between Corpirate interests and the interests of Humans does in fact exist, and is so vast as to be the salient feature of our present 'civilization.'  The sole expressed 'principle' of the Corpiration, maximizing next quarter's earnings, disallows any Human sensibility, denies any Human Right which comes into conflict with it.  A Corpirate officer or agent is required by law to make decisions which maximize profits ONLY, to the specific exclusion of all other 'principles.'  This has resulted in rife examples of things which make so many millions of dollars, no one seems to care or notice they make no sense (the Nuclear Mistake, for instance).  The presence in our midst of nuclear power generation is one of the foremost of these glaring examples.  We have largely come to think of nukes as somehow necessary to meet 'our energy demands,' widely ignoring that they are history's most dangerous way to boil water, and history's most costly, both immediately, and in the Long Run, for us Humans and for the rest of our Biosphere.  A Corpirate officer or agent must therefore remove themselves from Human sensibility far enough to execute their duties to the Profit Imperative, rendering themselves fundamentally Unhuman in the process.  A nuke meltdown is not an accident;  it's a mistake.

     This Unhumanizing process has been the main contributor to our catalog of 'Synthetic Problems,' mentioned previously.  Yet we Humans have so closely identified ourselves with the Corpirate organism, we readily assume the blame for these artificial disasters because, well, we can't seem to help being fallible;  the infamous Human Error gets all the bad press which would properly be tagged to the Unhuman processes of the Corpiration, our secret, remote-control Ruler.  I believe it's crucial to make this most important distinction and to get used to making keep right on making it.  In fact, viewing the long list of Synthetic Problems properly, we'd say that these difficulties were not really created by Humans, but by the Unhumanizing processes of the Corpiration.  People contribute to these problems only to the degree they've been Diverted by these Unhumanizing processes.  This is not to entirely absolve Humans of all responsibility, but to Redefine the Problem toward a more manageable grasp.

     2.  The traditional success of the camouflage of this distinction has made possible the dominance of Human affairs illegally by Corpirate interests on a global scale.  Whenever we buy a gallon of gasoline, we subscribe to the Corpirate definition of 'our energy demands,' hooking ourselves to the addictions enforced by the Corpirate organism.  This is no simple puzzle.
     Were we to become widely aware of this difference, to recognize the basic Unhumanity which has secretly come to rule us, we'd be quickly Redefining our world, how we think about, and how we act in it, each of us, for our own Good, and for our People.
     For instance:
     Did Corpirations then (during the American War Between the States) in fact do willful violence, quietly, to the American system of givernment, dissolving the Sovereignty of the People of the United States of America, and of other countries elsewhere?  Yes, they did.  Do they continue to do so?  Yes, they do.  The horror of September 11, 2011, was a direct and predictable result, among many others.

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