Friday, June 3, 2011

Distinction Exercise -- 1

     Many of our mythologies, folk legends, and fairy tales contain archetypes of horror which have fascinated and terrified us for centuries.  I suggest that these usually are metaphors which reference the monstrosities of tyranny in its many forms.  Until the industrial revolution, tyrants could be caricatured in this way without putting the storytellers in direct danger of retribution.  Having discarded enough of their own Human sensibilities to victimize others, ancient despots and their networks of spies and traitors could be pictured as man-eating giants, werewolves, vampires hidden from the light of day, and so on.  Until 'modern' times, the predations wrought by these ghouls were more or less localized, limited by the reach of their transport and the range of their weapons.  With luck and some effort, people might stand a chance of surviving if they could put some distance between themselves and the organized criminal troublemakers of their day.  This chance of survival of course shrank as the several Imperial Robbers' global reach expanded.  The Horrors have since been depicted as 'interplanetary' in works of science fiction.

     The one brief glimmer of hope for Human self-determination and freedom from such tyranny, the American Revolution and its foundation documents, lasted not quite 100 years.  The tragic Coronation of the Corpiration in the United States in 1865 came at a most unfortunate time, for us Humans, and for other living things in general.  These synthetic commercial organisms then came into possession of the largest standing military in history, the largest, fastest navy, vast natural resources, and a large traumatized population almost totally unaware their government had been unlawfully seized by a new, artificial species.  This new species lost no time in having our Supreme Law interpreted to recognize Corpirations as an official life form, giving them all the Rights so dearly won by us Humans for ourselves.  This official recognition ominously omitted requiring any personal responsibility whatever of these new unhuman beings.  Most ironically, this interpretation was rooted in the very Amendment which was supposed to have freed African Americans from bondage.  These artificial beings then immediately set about imposing slavery, genocide, and thievery here (here) and there around the world.  They have been almost totally successful in obscuring their takeover of the United States then, and in hiding the true nature of their criminal rule since.  Our age is saddled with a 'truth' far stranger than science fiction.  The success of Corpirate rule depends upon our not recognizing it as such. 

     I anticipate that making a real, workable distinction between Corpirations and us Humans might be difficult, even dangerous, to put it mildly.  Could it possibly be more difficult or dangerous than the  past 150 years in which we have not made this distinction?  Are we even capable of breaking the spell of the Military/Industrial Cult in sufficient numbers to call it a 'reawakening' among us Humans?  I believe we are so capable.  Is it likely?  We shall see.

     Today, we're up to here in the archetypes of horror.  Compare the constant gobbling up of 'collateral damage,' and of our own young fighters, with the crimes of a Jefferey Dahmer;  see what I mean?  These grisly, unhuman crimes are made all the worse since they are traditionally covered with ribbons, decorations, buntings, brass bands, and 'justified' with fake patriotic talk about 'liberty, freedom, democracy...,' and other such treacherous drivel.

     I'm just getting started...

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