Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Problem Solving Skills -- Note 8 -- Exercising Redefinition

     To redefine a growing problem toward a more accurate grasp would tend to make solving it possible.  This would liberate us from the problem's dangers and from ways of thinking and acting which contribute to the problem.  This changing of definition and how it determines thought and action may prove to be Revolutionary;  that's my goal here, to have even some small effect.
     My personal, vital connection to Creation is the Base Criteria for redefining our 'Problems,' here.  As such, it is no more and no less than any other Humans'.  This Base Criteria quickly makes several things evident;  among them:
     1.  This redefining process will take some real effort over a period of time, since it is notably different than definitions currently accepted.
     2.  While liberating, I anticipate that this process will cause some disturbance (disturbing to myself and/or to others).  Objective:  Place this 'disturbance' where it belongs...on 'Diversion.'
     3.  Engaging in this process alone is no more than an isolated mental exercise.  While personally gratifying and liberating, no real, wide effect could be achieved without others working in the same or similar processes.  I have to believe this is now happening widely and that communication among us will have cumulative effects toward lasting, positive change.
     4.  It may be too late.  The Old Definitions' destructive momentum may already have overtaken us, rendering positive solutions futile in the long run.  This can't and won't stop this effort.  We can't know until we try.  The Old Definitions of 'The Way Things Work' depict our growing problems as a Big Train Wreck Waiting to Happen on a global scale.  Almost everyone knows this, or feels it instinctively.  The New Definition says flatly, "It's not waiting, this is The Way Things Do NOT Work, with a vengeance."

     The Base Criteria -- our shared mortal interconnection with Creation and each other -- is clearly the wellspring of my life and will be my guideline here.  Adhering close as possible to it properly informs thought and action, and supplies accurate definition and firm foundation of principles.  I do this simply because it makes Good Sense, for my own Good and for my People.  As it happens, adherence to this Base Criteria is also consistent with all the great spiritual teachings -- 'Doing the Right Thing, For My Own Good and For My People.'  Since this Base Criteria is shared in common with all Living Things, the expression, 'my People,' as used here, designates all Humans, to the specific exclusion of any Corpirate Beings. 

     Where this Redefinition comes into conflict with previously accepted notions, Redefinition will take priority, superceding previous Definitions.  This will likely require rejection of dearly-held 'beliefs,' abandoning long-accepted dogmas which oppose Redefinition.  These opposing beliefs and dogmas are reclassified as Diversions.  These Redefining operations will take some effort to perform, and will take some time in which to adjust to them.
* * *
     We hear this phrase, 'our energy demands,' quite a lot.  Each of us uses energy in various ways throughout any given day, and we each have vague ways of defining those uses:  our 'needs' for energy; kinds of energy we use; sources of energy available to us; how we use those energies; what those energies cost immediately; how those costs seem to rise continuously.  Lately, it's been more widely discussed that about 80% of the average household budget goes for energy in one form or another, after taxes.  Also becoming more widely known recently is the fact that of an average household energy budget, where water is heated by an electric water heater, 80% of that budget goes to heat water.  Passive roof-mount solar water heaters cost about $5k, utilities usually offer $1k rebates, for a net investment of $4k.  Thus, saving about 80% of your household power bill for the first three years will pay for the passive heater and installation, and it will last for another 17 years or so, supplying FREE energy.  This example is liberating in two very important ways.  First, having taken the Old Definition of 'energy demand' from merely vague to specific and detailed, this Redefinition has locally realized the use of FREE power to save a lot of money.  Second, and maybe more important, this Redefinition has shown that this household was previously shackled to a centralized energy that devoured most of the budget.  Further, being thus trapped in a taken-for-granted 'energy demand' makes slaves of consumers, who are then forced to pay for the privilege, not just of using the energy there, but of perpetuating the energy-slave system itself.  Utilities suppliers won't be found encouraging consumers to Redefine their own 'energy demands' toward sources of FREE and CLEAN and DECENTRALIZED energy, because their Bottom Line would suffer mightily...next quarter's earnings would plummet like a lead duck.  They will instead be using some of your hard-earned money for Diversion, painting themselves, 'green,' and otherwise dolling themselves up as just plain folks, concerned as anyone else about all this global warming business...diverting our attention, subverting 'our' leaders.
     It must not go without saying also, that utilities suppliers usually generate the power they sell us so dearly by the dirtiest, costliest, most dangerous means known:  Fossil Oil, Coal, and worst so far, Nuclear fission reactions.  These resources lent themselves to monopoly exploitation from the start.  And from the start, Corpirations controlling these resources have wielded undue influence in all levgels of 'our' governments, gaining and consolidating power over us illegally, with our money.  Cleaner, more user-friendly energy sources have been suppressed and sidelined, patents cornered and overpriced.  Addiction to Fossil Means and the Slow Bombs that are nuke reactors has been imposed and enforced by habit, by propaganda, and by government subversion.  These nefarious forces have supplied us with our Old Definitions of 'Our Energy Demands,' and of how to fill those demands.  The Old Definitions have their hands deep in our pockets and then some;  they've had us Over the Barrel, forcing their Definitions into us from behind for so long, we've grown accustomed to it.  We still sign up for their 'energies' eagerly ('we have to...don't we?'), and the best we can come up with is to whine about how much they're charging us to get screwed.
     Recall the bright rays of optimism which briefly peeked through the rad-smog in 1973.  Remember our first 'energy crunch?'  When OPEC upped the price per barrel of petro then, American consumers did a most spectacular, even miraculous, thing:  They showed they could significantly kick the petro habit, with no planning whatever.  As a mere panic reaction, consumers automatically dropped gasoline consumption by a stunning 30%!  Think what this demonstrates about the Primary Power of the Consumer in this market and others!  Think what this means to the bean-counters who run EXXACO (and the White House, etc.)...  Imagine what creatively Redefining things like 'Our Energy Demands' could accomplish.
     Needs?  Car; other car; truck; SUV; dune buggy; snowmobile; jet ski; electric knife; hair drier; clothes drier; dish washer; water heater; boat; weed eater; lawn mower; hedge trimmer; motorcycle; other motorcycle; ATV; motor home; exercise machine; air conditioner; other air conditioner; airplane; swamp buggy; chain saw; chipper; leafblower; log splitter; computer; other computer; cel phone; other cel phone; video games; other video games; tv; other tv; other tv; heater; other heater; fan; other fan; lights; other lights; stove; other stove; refrigerator, freezer; other refrigerator; other freezer; washing machine; electric can opener; bbq grill; camp stove; drill press; jigsaw; table saw; circle saw; drill; planer; joiner; lathe; other lathe; air travel; trucked food; food production, harvesting, processing, marketing; trucked fuel; trucked waste; trucked water; fresh water supply; fresh water treatment; waste water treatment; various other communications and entertainment appliances; surveillance appliances; packing and packaging; paper (its harvesting, processing, distribution, use, waste-contribution); waste stream 'treatment, disposal, and recycling'; batters; other batteries; fuels; chemicals and supplies to support all this; paints; plastics; adhesives; synthetic textiles; synthetic pharmaceuticals; lubricants; additives; cosmetics; acquisition and exploitation of resources (forest; mineral; energy; food; Human); 'defense' apparatus; media 'news'; infrastructure (highways, bridges, dams, flood control, construction); infrastructure maintenance; government; government maintenance; personal political campaign contributions; personal share of Corpirate campaign contributions (what you pay in original purchase price of goods and services that is then spent by the Corpirations to manipulate government offices behind the scenes to keep you hooked); 'lobbies' (the vast business of special interests who herd the public around like tax-cattle); 'justice'; 'corrections'; advertising (public display of products and services, and publicity supporting the necessity of these products and services; expansion of all the above in the name of 'growth'...
     Are all these really needs?  When we buy them, what are we getting for our buck?  Buy a gallon of gas for $4, it gets you down the road maybe 25 miles.  It also gets you a subscription to a system that's centralized specifically to be beyone your control.  This system illegally controls 'your' government, carefully maintaining the illusion of 'democracy' at work.  It defines 'Our Energy Demands' and how those demands will be met.  It generates a barrage of propaganda to trivialize and discredit warnings about global warming, acid rain, petro-cancers, and the calamitous effects and massive hidden costs of nuke power.  It determines government policy, up to and including the use of armed force to secure resources here and there around the world for profit.  This system makes undeclared (illegal) war, under the Stars and Stripes, putting 'our' troops in harm's way (killing our People and others) on intelligence which ranges from Poor to None, for profit.  These war crimes fit the Definition of Highly Organized Crime, funded by our tax dollars, bathed in blood.  'Collateral Damage' is the cynical euphemism applied to the hundreds of thousands of innocent bystander casualties...men, women and children...we've not bothered to memorialize by their names, their number, or even by the pound.  It is the greatest apparatus for betrayal, murder, slavery, and theft for cash and prizes in all of history, so far.  Others around the world are ominously taking the Yankee Hint; lucky us.
     T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) saw this coming in 1917, warned about it in 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom,' and did all he could to prepare People within his reach for it, then.  The sordid, bloody history of Yankee involvement in Saudi Arabia from the start is chronicled by the adventures of Kermit Roosevelt.  He intentionally committed People there to 'deals' which they could never fulfill except by giving up control of their petro resources.  'Confessions of An Economic Hit Man' (author?) confirms this policy of covert coercion in some chilling detail.  It has become The Rule in 'our' foreign policies.  The resulting emergence of 'Muslim Fundamentalism' was not only predictable, it was predicted.  We don't need a crystal ball or 1-900-psychic number to tell where these Oil Wars and foreign 'terrorists' came from, and where all this is heading.  It's an ongoing Crime Against Humanity...it's the way they do business.
     What is the cost of a gallon of gas beyond your original $4, and beyond the ongoing and escalating violence it requires?  The CO2 contamination of the atmosphere will cost you and your children and theirs the air you breathe; it will cost you the weather, the rain, the crops, the rivers and lakes and oceans, from the effects of global warming and acid rain, to say next to nothing about rising radiation levels.

     After taking this mess into consideration, realizing you've gotten used (!) to paying and paying for it, making it all possible, even 'inevitable,' think about this:  You've paid into this system after you paid your taxes.  This system uses your taxes to run 'your' government which is actually illegally in the control of the Corpirations, for the benefit of their Bottom Line ONLY, to the express exclusion of all other benefits...and these same commercial interests generally don't pay any taxes whatever.  Not to be stopped there, the Corpirations then help themselves to Mega-Welfare in the form of Oil Depletion Allowances, and so on...and on...at your expense.

     If any benefit is to be realized by Redefining our Problem, it will be in manifesting the True Power that resides in the Consumer, and always has; this is the Cleverly Guarded Secret of the Marketplace:  WE hold the purse strings; all wealth comes through the hands of People who create it.  WE only turn over this wealth in ways we are conviced are appropriate, or 'needed'...ways we are trained to.

     Where could be found someone to plant trees to soak up CO2, to shade and cool the planet, to make some oxygen?  Where could be found someone who might see the need?  Where could be found someone to convert their air-cooled motorcycle to ethanol fuel?  Who might suggest that fuel crops, instead of stealing ground from food supply, could be decentralized and planted in and harvested from the right-of-ways of freeways, railways, 'extra' parking lots, roof tops, abandoned industrial and military sites?  Who might suggest cancelling the Corpirate-Welfare State, like Oil Depletion Allowances, and applying that cash to developing means to take advantage of the FREE POWER that fall on the ground all around us unclaimed, as yet?  Who might suggest stopping the use of fossil resources for our very survival and that of the planet?  Who might suggest putting to work those who've profited so mightily from these vicious Diversions in works of reclamation, restitution, and renewable energy resources, to say little about criminal and civil justice?  Who might suggest convening Public Grand Juries to provide indictments for War Crimes, calling for criminal charges against these Corpirations, their officers, agents, operatives, and major stockholders?  Who might suggest charges of Treason against those in American public office, sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, who've betrayed that trust in covert service to those Corpirations?  Who might imagine that we even have such Power...that we have these Rights?  In the absence of lawful mechamisms to effect these changes, where might we find the means to establish such lawful mechanisms?  When?  In accordance with our Redefinition, I suggest the answers to these questions are:  Us.  Here.  Now. 

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