Monday, June 6, 2011

Problem Solving Skills -- Note 5 -- Stepping Off the Juggernaut

     The prevailing Quest for Power acquires a momentum and direction of its own, gaining ever more mass, taking up more of the Stage, all in its own interest.  We are conditioned and encouraged to identify our own interests as Humans with that of this Quest for Power.  This is false.  Is this OUR economy?  No.  Is this OUR government?  No.  Is this OUR military?  No.  Are these OUR media and information networks?  No, and again, no.  The economy, government, military, energy policy and media have been swept up, along with us, in the Quest for Power.  These have become nothing more than elements in a behemoth machine whose only purpose is the further acquisition and consolidation of Power.  This machine acts to centralize Power, to corner all markets, to capture and monopolize all resources and populations solely for the gain of the very few Most Powerful, and damn the consequences.  One does not need a crystal ball or a 1-900-psychic number to see that this is going Nowhere, Fast...and faster still. 
     Q:  Who can possibly do anything about this supersonic tailspin?
     A:  WHO IS PAYING FOR ALL OF IT...and paying and paying?!
     Wealth does not 'trickle down.'  Every grain of gold, every crumb of coal is first dug up by Human hands before it's turned over to any Market.  What 'flows downhill' in the famous sewage saying is not wealth, I assure you.
     We often hear those yearning to 'get our economy back on track.'  Imagine it back 'on track,' the way things were going that led us to these Times of Multiple Crises...look out your window as you hurtle along...notice the big signs in Stop Sign Red, saying, 'GO BACK!  YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!'

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