Friday, May 9, 2014

Suggested Reading

Conspiracy for Empire; Big Business, Corruption, and the Politics of Imperialism in America, 1876-1907
     --  Luzviminda Bartolome Francisco, Jonathan Shepard Fast

Theodore Rex
     --  Edmund Morris

War Is A Racket
     --  General Smedley D. Butler

The Crusades Through Arab Eyes
     --  Amin Maalouf

Seven Pillars of Wisdom
     --  T. E. Lawrence

Confession of an Economic Hit Man
     --  John Perkins

The Control of Nature
     --  John McPhee

Damn and Other Disasters; A Century of the Army Corps of Engineers in Civil Works
     --  Arthur E. Morgan

Tiananmen Diary
     --  Harrison E. Salisbury

Heaven's Breath; A Natural History of the Wind
     --  Lyall Watson

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