Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poll-Cat Soup

I did a poll from Pole to Pole last night
Just to see what we might need
The results are real surprising
It seems Everything's agreed

I skipped the 'higher' powers
And their rigged and bloody game
Since Everything always changes
While their Nothing stays the same

(You can dig from top to bottom there,
It's enough to make you wince
If it makes enough dollars, hey,
Who needs a lick of sense?)

(Our Founders cast a Bell for Free
An' about the time they sprang it,
Turned out that it was foundered wrong,
It cracked and you cain't rang it!)

We see the Sun and Moon spin 'round
Through Rain and Shine, these Dancers,
They don't ask Nothing nothin,' no,
And don't take 'no' for answers

We get some real Good Questions, now
Ever since we left our Mother
Like what we feel, and why, and how
And IF is quite another.

If you can and do, well then,
Your vital signs aren't flat;
A corpiration can't and won't
It's sad, but, hey, that's that.

In news-confusions troubles grow,
Fake who's and wheres and whats,
When 'Why (we really need to know)
These numb-rods call the shots?!'

Who let them in behind the hall
To sneak in and begin it
To steal our Flag and troops and all,
The White House, House and Senate?!

The Court, the Land, the Sky, the Sea,
Their looting knows no bounds
They take the torch of Liberty
And snuff it on the ground

While War steals all the credit,
All the 'honors' and the frills*
With Humans' blood and tears and sweat

We need our Law in living hands
To break this zombie spell
A beating heart, a breathing life
Determined to get well

No puppets nor remote controls
Can clear this thorny bramble
We must reconstitute ourselves
Without lengthy preamble

About Freedom and Liberty
Then let us have no doubt:
These aren't some mass commodity
Which you can 'order out!'

You won't keep Freedom now, of course,
To start nor then continue,
If you sell it off, or worse,

**Always did; always will!

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